6 things I wish I did more while I was in the university

I graduated from the university believing I was well equipped to be successful at least in the first job roles I would embark on. It was not all rosy as I thought or expected; some ups and downs but generally great opportunities to be proud of. However, at every role I assumed on my career... Continue Reading →


Dear 21st century Recruiter,

Dear Recruiter, I trust this letter finds you well. How is graduate recruitment going? Is it still difficult finding the right fit for your outfit? I am very sure it’s getting better. My letter is to address some issues some recent graduates raised with me these past weeks. Most graduates find your face-to-face interviews quite... Continue Reading →

A letter to Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur, It’s been a while I think i reached out to you. I guess business is going well and customers are not proving too stubborn. Never mind customers now have a lot of options to choose from so I advise you are a step ahead of your game. Well I write to you today... Continue Reading →


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