Opportunities to explore during your National Service program

I cringed when I found out that I will be required to do National Service, although I went to a private university. I thought National Service was for only graduates who patronized public universities, as it was an opportunity for them to give back to the government because their school fees was subsidized. Well, regardless... Continue Reading →


The ‘Newest Additions’ to the Hiring Team

Ever heard someone say to you that they are positive about the outcome of an interview they attended, and later on you find out they didn’t hear from the hiring team again or were told they didn’t make it? There are of course several reasons for this – Sometimes, even though people assumed they were... Continue Reading →

Dear 21st century Recruiter,

Dear Recruiter, I trust this letter finds you well. How is graduate recruitment going? Is it still difficult finding the right fit for your outfit? I am very sure it’s getting better. My letter is to address some issues some recent graduates raised with me these past weeks. Most graduates find your face-to-face interviews quite... Continue Reading →

A letter to Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur, It’s been a while I think i reached out to you. I guess business is going well and customers are not proving too stubborn. Never mind customers now have a lot of options to choose from so I advise you are a step ahead of your game. Well I write to you today... Continue Reading →


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